1. Is Mountain Tech Inc. an authorized Subaru dealer?

We are a licensed Oregon Automotive Dealer. We are not a franchised SUBARU dealer, or are related in any manner to SUBARU of AMERICA (SOA) or its parent company, FUJI HEAVY Industries (FHI)

2. Does Mountain Tech Inc. perform Warranty or Recall work for Subaru?

Since we are not a franchised SUBARU dealer, and are not related to SOA or FHI, we can not perform warranty repairs, recalls, or campaigns authorized/issued by SOA. Any factory warranty repair or factory recall must be done at a Subaru dealer. We can do all maintenance work to keep your new Subaru still under warranty and to factory specs.

3. Should I use Subaru Genuine Parts? Why?

Using Subaru Genuine parts or a QUALITY aftermarket is very important with all repairs or service work done to your Subaru. We have seen “cheap” timing belts break at 30k miles (which is only half of its normal length). It can cause your valves to get damaged and possibly even require an engine replacement. Cheaper, after market parts are not as high of quality as those offered by SOA and other manufactures, and in many cases are inferior in design, proper fit, performance, and ultimately, longevity. You could save a few bucks up front, but in the end when the car breaks down without warning, you have to have it towed and/or replace the part(s) more often, you end up spending more in the long run.

4. My Subaru keeps overheating. Is it a thermostat?

Depending on your specific model, perhaps… The best answer lies in a proper diagnosis of the problem at hand. Some situations may be as simple as an unplugged radiator fan, others, a cracked radiator or split hose. However, do you own a 1996-1999 Legacy Outback, GT, or 1998 Impreza RS? Then the problem may be related to a failed head gasket. The problem is internal and no visible signs of leakage will show. 2000-2004 Subaru? Again, a failed head gasket, however, this time with visible leakage on the lower side of the engine and/or engine cross member. We recommend having it checked out as soon as possible. You do not want to overheat the engine. It will only cause the repair price to go up. We recommend towing it to Mountain Tech to have it diagnosed. We will call you with a repair estimate.

5. My car broke down, you are closed...

Call Olson Bros. Towing (503) 659-5141 and arrange them to bring your car to Mountain Tech. We offer an emergency drop for you. Have the car towed to our facility. You mark the keys with a contact name, DAYTIME phone number, description of your car, license plate #, and a description of what happened when you broke down. You or the tow truck driver leave the keys in our key drop to the right of the waiting room entrance. We will call you our next business day to confirm the problem and advise you on the necessary repairs needed. In some instances, we may not be able to diagnose your car right away, and/or perform the repairs. Clients whom hold appointments receive first priority, your emergency drop will be worked in to the schedule immediately to assure a timely repair. Please call and leave us a voice mail with the details of the breakdown (in addition to leaving a note with the keys please) and we will contact you.

6. How do I drop off my car after hours?

You can bring your vehicle into our repair shop at ANY time. If you are coming in after hours. We have drop-off envelopes right next to our key-drop along with pens. Label it with your name, description of the your car, why you are bringing it in, license plate #, and phone numbers you can be reached at. We will contact you on our next business day if no appointment was made to confirm needed repairs. We will give you an estimate before any work is started. We will contact you upon completion of the work performed to your Subaru.

7. My Brake Light is on. What needs to be done?

Parking brake switch is stuck or broken. Or, more likely, low brake fluid. This requires attention, and usually means that your brake pads are worn out and need to be replaced. The amount of fluid in the reservoir is sufficient to supply the entire brake system as the pads wear and the fluid takes their place. Filling the reservoir will make a mess when the pads are replaced. Adding a small amount of fluid to keep the light off will be fine, but remember, you are now almost out of brake pads! You should bring it in as soon as possible for a check over.

8. Do you do auto body and paint work?

No, not at this location. We can sublet most auto body work on Subarus through a great local shop.

9. Check engine light on?

If the car runs fine, and the check engine light is on solid, make an appointment for our next available time. If the car runs badly and/or the check engine light is flashing, we recommend that you have the vehicle towed in as soon as possible. We recommend and use OLSON BROS. Towing 503-659-5141, use your AAA account # and call 1-800-AAA-HELP (1-800-222-4357), or your vehicle insurance carrier if you have towing insurance. (in many cases, you coordinate the tow, and choose the towing agency, but it wouldn’t hurt to call your insurance agent or company to double check.)

10. My parking lights are stuck on, I have the key off.

We get a call at least once a week asking this. It is easily fixed. Located on the top of the steering column, there is a flat toggle switch that shows red when viewed from the driver’s seat. Flip the end facing you down to turn off parking lights. This is usually turned on by mistake when somebody cleans the interior of the car, or in some instances when the trip odometer is reset and your wrist bumps it should you reach through the steering wheel. Just switch it off and it should take care of the problem. It has been said, but not verified that this parking lamp system was used by Subaru to satisfy a law for “double parking” in some US jurisdictions. This allows the parking lights to remain illuminated while the key is removed from the ignition. Those individuals owning Subarus 1983 and newer will note that the headlights, tail-lights, and parking lights will turn off with the KEY if the light switch is left on.

11. Do I need to replace all 4 tires with new if only one goes bad?

On any ALL WHEEL DRIVE car, YES. If you want your 4WD (four wheel drive) to operate properly, yes. If you own a 2WD (two wheel drive) it is not necessary.

12. I replaced my battery now my parking lights are flashing.

In many instances, factory alarm systems (and some after market) will set themselves off when power is restored. For a car with a factory Subaru alarm, you should consult your owners manual, and follow the steps listed. For after market alarms, contact the facility that installed the alarm or refer to the owners manual that came with the alarm system.

13. When does my timing belt need replacement?

Generally, 60,000 miles for cars older than 1999 with a 2.2 engine. 105,000 miles for 1996 and new 2.5 engines and all others from 2000. Mountain Tech recommends 90,000 miles on those requiring the 105K interval, as we have seen a few timing belts break (due to a seized pulley or water pump) or fail (break on their own) before then. And we don’t believe it is worth the added cost of buying another engine to get 15,000 more miles.

14. I just had my oil changed and I think it’s low or too full.

First, wait until morning, (or at least 30 minutes.) Oil takes some time to return to the oil pan. If the dipstick shows oil between the two dots, you (your engine) will be fine. If it is at or below the lowest dot on the stick, ADD ONE QUART (32 oz.) and re-check. Oil should be at the top dot on the stick. Having it up to the notch on the side is fine, especially if you just got an oil change.